Frances Dowell Story


Hello! Today I will be talking about something we have been doing in my class recently, but first, here is some background information:


  • Who is Frances Dowell?

Frances Dowell is an author who wrote books such as Dovey Coe, The Secret Language of Girls, and Shooting the Moon.


  • What is the Frances Dowell Story.

The Frances Dowell story is a book we have been writing in Language Arts class.

My Frances Dowell  story is about a man falling through time through myths. Here is my opening;

was just sitting in my  living room watching the news when I heard about it. This was the first time anything interesting happened here in Arslcer Hill. This town had a lovely school, theater, a grocery store, and a few streets with small, one story houses made of brick and stone.

If I end up liking my book I might write more in a series. Here is the link to Mrs. Dowell’s website:




Anyway. We have been working on these for a few weeks and because of Corona however we had to meet With Frances online.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. It’s super fun to write your own story and you should try it.


Window or Mirror?

Hello everyone! Welcome back, today I will be talking about Window or Mirror books, and talking about a book I read that is a mirror ish book.

A window book is when you look on to a new world that an author came up with, such as Harry Potter. When you look at a world you don’t have any connections too.  Any time you read a book, it’s fun to try and connect.

A mirror book is the opposite. Like mirrors, they reflect you. Say I was reading a book about a sixth grader that loves to read books. That matches up with my life, I can connect with it, because the author made it so the readers feel connected to the character and want to read on in the book.

The book I will talk about it Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So Happy Birthday. This book is a mirror because it is about a girl in middle school, who has to face, every day things. In this book she is planning her birthday party. I know what it’s like because I always try to plan a big fun party, but I always end up doing something really simple. She  has an annoying sibling, which I can relate to. But unlike her, I don’t have an arch frenemy.  This book is really good and I implore you to read it if you can. It’s an amazing book.

Daily Habits Part 2

Hello everyone, Happy February! Today I will be once again talking about daily habits.

Let’s start again with planking, as you know we planked from some time in November to the 17th of December. As you may remember we started of with 30 seconds and slowly added 10 seconds every two days. During our last week the days 12-17 of December, we added 30 seconds every day. At the end our final plank time was about 3:30 minutes. I’m not sure however so that I’ll need to figure out some other time. That’s enough about planking.

Now let’s  start with my January daily habit. My daily habit was to run every day. When I started I found it difficult to run long distances because I hadn’t ran in a few months. I started with a simple path around my neighborhood, it is two circles. If you run both of them you get a total of 1.04 miles. After a while I lost motivation and began to only run for about 5 minutes, which got me about half a mile. Now that is a new month I am choosing to change it.

You might be wondering what I am going to change it to, well after running I decided I needed to rest, and knowing that I though about what I found relaxing, I finally realized what it was and I realized it was a reading. So I decided to read 3 chapters of my books every night!


I hope you choose some daily habits at some point, as the help you reach goals.











What punctuation am I?

I am an exclamation mark, signaling excitement. I stick out more  than the rest. I don’t always fit in but that doesn’t mean I don’t belong there. Sure I’m not always useful, but that just makes me more special. The point and the line are my body and my heart that keeps me alive. But when you turn an exclamation point upside down you see my body and
head. My brain helps me feel feelings. And an exclamation point shows excitement, urgency, and anger, emotions I can relate to.


Daily Habits




Hello there everybody! Welcome back to my blog! Today I will be talking about daily habits! Daily habits are  important because did you do set things you Want to do everyday.



During our time between November and December we began planking every day. We began with planking during our class time. We began at 30 seconds and added 10 seconds every two days. After a few weeks of planking, when we were getting close to our winter break we added ten seconds every day. Our end time was 3:40.  Planking is very hard but I am very glad I did it. In the end, I was only able to last about 30 seconds. But it was still nice to try.

Independent daily habit

My daily habit is to run/walk every day. And an  extension of that is to have ran 6 miles in a week.  Running has always been difficult for me because I have never been very athletic. I have played sports my entire life, but I never truly learned how to run at a reasonable pace for a long time. That is why I chose this goal. So far I have run a total of 8.22 miles. it’s not as much as I had hoped, but it is still a good amount. My parents run very often so I get to run with them. Running with my family has helped me get better at running. I   will continue running as much as possible.


These are my daily habits. I recommend you to set some daily habits so you can get better at something. Happy New Year and goodbye!


Thoughts on School Uniforms

Hello everybody! It’s Ava and today we will be talk about, then doing interviews on school uniforms.

Different schools have different rules and so some schools don’t have uniforms while others do. At the school I go to, we don’t have school uniforms. I personally believe that school uniforms can be good but can also keep students from expressing themselves. Sure people may find it hard to choose something to wear every morning, so for this uniforms would be helpful, but what about people who know what they want to wear every day. But that’s enough about my opinion. Here is one of my fellow students interview.

Hello, Whats your name?


What do you think about school uniforms?

I think they would be an ok idea


Some students would like it and some wouldn’t. And some people express themselves through how they dress.


Alright everybody.  I hope you enjoyed this blog post. In the comments, tell me what your opinion is! Bye!!!



Wisdom Tale Comic


Hello everyone. Today I will tell you about the comic above. To make this comic I used Adobe Photoshop, sketchbook, and comic life. Comic life makes it very easy to make new comic.

Now I chose the story I did because I thought the moral was interesting. It’s telling you to let things go.

See you very soon in my next post about school uniforms!

The Week of Being Remote

Hello . Today I am going to talk about my week of learning from home after Thanksgiving. In my opinion, sometimes working from home is hard because you don’t have a schedule and sometimes finish your work super early, so then you are bored for the rest of the day. My last class ended at 2:30. I created a checklist so I would remember my assignments. I spent a lot of time in the house playing video games when I was done with my work. I began to listen to audio books to fall asleep at night. I did a lot of agility workouts after 4:00. The remote week wasn’t very exciting and I didn’t do much except for school work. I have to go now. Goodbye! See you in my next post!

I Am Grateful For

Hello everyone! Today I will be posting about what I am thankful for!

  1. A home

without a home, life would be hard and out there many people are suffering from being homeless.

2. Earth

without the earth to live on, I would not be alive, but sadly the world is dying and we need to do whatever we can to help save it.

3. Food and Water

I could die if I didn’t have these things. So we are lucky we have the resources to provide food and water to ourselves.