Harry Potter: The Sorcerers Stone Movie Review.

Hello. My Name is Ava, and today we will be reviewing a movie of magic, suspense, and adventure.  What movie? Harry Potter: The Sorcerers Stone of course! This movie is incredible. The actors that were chosen played their characters amazingly.  From start to finish it’s action packed. The characters came to life thanks to the incredible acting! Even characters that were barely in the movie. Mrs and Mr Dursley were incredibly played! Thanks to directing and makeup and costumes it was beautiful.  I can’t express everything in a post. But I think it’s about time I go. I hope you enjoy my blog and this post. Stay safe.








My favorite songs.


Hey guys! As my last post this year I want to tell you more about me. So here is my favorite songs. IU am going to tell you some words to. Let’s go!


1. Saints:

Ok saints is a really nice song. Here it is. (In words)

I’m sorry but your story just isn’t adding up.

I think your religions just a lie to keep my mouth shut.

you say on my tongue is to lound to trust

in my blood couldn’t keep you.


Ok that was that.


You Know this song mustangs. I sang it once. Here we go:

Probably thought I was psychotic. ~ But I still got in my closet.  If you new! 

I slip it on over my shoulders, your something I’ll never get over, It makes me feel closer to you.

I can’t keep your love, I can’t keep your kiss, gave you every thing and all I was this.

 I’m still rocking your hoodie! And chewing on the strings! it makes me think about you so I wear it when I sleep! I kept the broken zipper, and cigaret burns! Still rocking your hoodie baby even though it hurts.

That took a while to type.

3.  Without me.

I found you when your heart was broke. I filled your cup until it over flowed . Took it to far to keep you close. I was afraid to leave you on your own.

I said I catch you if you fall. And if they laugh then    Buk em all.

Hope you enjoyed.


Loki’s spring break.

Hey guys! In this post I will be as I said in another post, Doing Loki’s spring break.

So on Saturday I think Loki would probably practice his shapeshifting. Though he has had centuries of practice.

On  Sunday he went to Asgard to spy on Thor, Odin, Frigg, Heimdall, and the rest of the Aseir.

On Monday I think he went to get some of the Jotuns ( giants) to help him start Ragnorok which is the end of the world.

Tuesday: Started Ragnorok then failed badly when Thor, Odin, and many others came a long and stopped him.

Wednesday: P,aned another way to start Ragnorok

Thursday: Snuck in to Valhalla aka the hero’s  place to live after death.

Friday: Started ragnorock and destroyed the planet.

Sat-Sun: He finally realized that, Now that the world was gone he had nothing to do.


Ok that was it. Maybe it is just me but I think Loki and Thanos could be friends. I mean they are both there to inslave and/or kill humanity. Soo yeah.




Me: Hello I believe you to already know each other.


Thanos and Loki: YES!!!


Loki: this guy killed me in infinity war.


Thanos:  hehehe yeah good times.


Me: Sooo, why do you both wan’t to destroy humanity?


Loki: To get revenge on the Asier.


Thanos:  Becuase, well I hate humans! TITANS WILL RISE!!!


Me: if you had one weapon what would it be?


Thanos: Well I think I would stay with the infinity goblet.


Loki: Who needs a weapon when you are a God of trickery?!


Me: good point. Any way i thank you for doing this interview. You must be so umm Busy destroying the world!


Loki and Thanos : ……..

Me: uh Guys


Loki and thanos BYE.




Ok guys I really hope you guys enjoyed it. because I actually had very little time to

type this up.


Percy Jackson quiz and info





Hey guys I bet you  know how this guy right here is!           

If you guessed Percy Jackson You where correct. Percy Jackson is a son of Poseidon. He has a book about him!


Next one! Did Percy Jackson kill the minotaur?

The answer is… YES!!!!!!! Percy Jackson killed the minotaur!!!!!! It happened in the Lightning Thief.


Next is about Annebeth: Is Annebeth Percy’s G-friend?


Yes. She is.

So info…hmmmmm

Percy is a demigod. He saved the world. No biggie.

If I could hang out with one Percy Jackson character it would be Zoey Nightshade. She is a hunter of Artemis. She is so cool and I look up to her.

Zoey nightshade my girl😁

Who would you spend a day with? Arav you would pick Percy.  Also fun fact Percy is actually named Percyus after the hero whom dicapatated Medusa. Such fun. Can’t you see I’m smiling?


See how happy I am?

Hmm how to kill time.?

I am going to type a theme song for Percy


Nanananananananan Percy gonna whip your butt Percy Seaweed brain!

Riptide! Percy! AnneBeth! Grover! Watch out for calrice la rue!

Watch Out PERCY is thererrr oh yeah!


huhuhu. That was weird I’m sooo sorry!


“PPPP- Percy Jackson”

“Annebeth stop pretending “


Got to go now byeeeeeeeeeeee

uhh that was weird. Annebeth I will kill you! ☠️ Ok sooo Yeah I love Percy.

On Tuesday I am going to see A “The Lightning Theif” musical. I am so excited 😆! Well Got to go.



My Spring Break

‘Sup guys?!! Today I will be sharing what I did over spring break. Les go!

Sat: Hung out. That is what I think spring break is for. It’s just a time to chill out and sleep.

Sun: I started cleaning my room up. Status today ( Sunday): It is still bad. My room was a m e s s, mess!

Mon: I finished my room and watched a lot of youtube. Mostly ldshadowlady.  : )


Tues: More hang out.

Wens: Got contacts and got a cavity filled.

Thurs: Lots of softball. I go to bull city. My team is the Huskies. I had opening an ceremony and my first game. this is my third season.

Fri: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sat: I got today mixed up with thursday.

Sun: and Finally My mom ran a half marathon and I had softball practice.


Hey guys I hope you enjoyed. I am sooooo sad that the year is coming to an end. thank you all for being awsome. You to Mr Mason and Mrs. Fitzpatrick! I like you LOVE you guys 🙂  Spring break was so much fun. I hope guys had as much fun as I did over spring break. In the comments tell me what fun ( or boring ;] ) things you did.

Hmmmmm I need to make this post longer. What could I do? I KNOW! My blog is called Loki and Me so lets do Loki’s  spring break would be.


Sat-Sat cause mishcheif  becuase he can 😐

so cute 🙂 don’t you just love this cuteness!? I will aw !!!!!


Ok actually you know what I will make a post later about Loki’s spring break.



LOKI QUIZ!!!! And Info

Hey whats up y’all Today I am going to quiz TEST you on Loki.


First question. Are Loki and Thor  Brothers? 


Answer: NOPE.


Ok Loki is the god of Trickery. He is a shapeshifter and a very evil being. I wish that I could be him. In all his glory though he was chained up for many years I still love or like him he is so cool. He is my favorite god ever. He is kind of COmpletly evil. That is why I admire him so much. If I could pick one god or goddess to be the daughter of, I would pick Loki. Any way back to the quiz!


Second question: What will Loki start?


A Ragnorock

B The Apocalypse


Awnser: A


What does Loki spread?


A love

B misery

C happiness

Anwser: B





I need to calm down I am freaking out. I hope you enjoyed.

It is so much fun to do this stuff. Ok? Ok.



Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye BYEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!




This year

Hey guys! Today I am going to share my New Years resolutions and some words about it . So……. LETS GO!



  1. Be neater. You probably know that I am a total slob. This is my desk.

2. Do better in Spanish if we were graded I would get a C –

3. LEARN MORE MYTHOLOGY!! I really like mythology.


4. Be less forgetful. I am a failure.  I CAN’T REMEBER MY HOMEWORK 9/10 TIMES!!!!!!!


5. Be kinder to my friends. I always seem to rage about something. I always get angry at my friends for everything. I’m crazy 


6. Wake up earlier. –   0


Ok you know what I’m to lazy to keep this up so let me just say some stuff about this year so far. This year has been crazy, fun, to good to be true, dramatic, strange, and all together enjoyable.

I have so many friends and some new ones to meet. I’m so happy I’m in the Mustang classroom. Mr. Mason if you are reading this, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hehe. OK sorry about that guys. – –  NOT!!! Ok yes I am. So for being amazing I’d like to thank, Anna L and S, Arabella, Amealia, and so many more people. I’m only naming a few so do not feel offended.

Anyways guys thanks for being my friends and making school a whole lot more fun. I am so happy that I could share this with you.



Percy Jackson, The Battle of the Labyrinth, in my mind Part: 1

Hey y’all! Welcome back. Today I’m going to give a complete summary of The Battle of the Labyrinth.  This book is By Rick Riorden  the author of the Magnus Chase series. The Battle of the Labyrinth is my favorite book. Dedules is awesome. Wait! Poll time in the comments tell me who your favorite character is. One more thing this will be in lots of parts. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!


In the beginning Percy  goes to Goode school. The principle  is Percy’s soon to be… well I guess  his 2nd stepdad. Paul Blofis . [He going out with his girlfriend Annabeth after this.]  But enough about that. He goes for orientation but gets attacked by monsters that pretended to be cheerleaders . He and a girl he met in the last book hid in the music room. The girl’s name is Rachel Elizabeth Dare. Rachel has long curly red hair. The head cheerleader is named Kelli. Percy pulls out his sword “Riptide”. He was about to slash Kelli to dust when she burst into a pillar of  flames. Just then Paul Blofis and his tour group came into the music room. “PPP-Percy?” he said as Percy  jumped out the window. He ran away from Goode and ran into Annabeth. ” hi seaweed brain” she said. ” You’re  early “. ” I know ” he said ” we ended early” .  Suddenly Rachel ran out of the building. Annabeth looked really confused. “ What is going on here!” ……


Well guys We will find out what happens soon Byeeee!

Most powerful things in Greek Mythology

This is the list  of the most powerful things in Greek mythology. There will be twenty  things on this list.

  1. Choas:  Choas is the creator of all living things.
  2. Tartarus: Tartarus Is the second most powerful thing in Greek mythology.
  3. Gaia: Gaia/Mother Earth is a daughter of Choas.
  4. Typhon: He is made to defeat the Olympians a son of Gaia.
  5. Zeus:King of the gods and son of Kronos Zeus is the most polwerful of the Olympians
  6. Kronos: Kronos was the ruler of the Titans and son of Gaia
  7. Poseidon: Poseidon is a son of Kronos and the god of the sea. he is the second most powerful Olympian. Realaxing!
  8.  Hades: Is the god of the underworld and a son of Kronos.
  9. Hestia: Goddess of the hearth and home and a daughter of Kronos.
  10. Hyporon: He is a Titan and a son of Gaia.
  11. Hera: Queen of the gods and daughter of Kronos
  12. Oceanus: Titan of the sea and a son of Gaia
  13. Krios: Titan  of the South and son a of Gaia.
  14. Iapetus: He Is the Titan of the West  and a son of Gaia
  15.  Polos: He is the Titan of the North and a son of Gaia
  16. Demeter: She is the goddess of Acreculture and a daughter of Kronos
  17. Atlas: he is a Titan and a Son of Gaia.
  18. Rhea : She is a Titan and Wife of Kronos and a daughter of Gaia.
  19. Apollo: Hemis the god of Archery, the sun, musi, healing, and Poems, he is also a son of Zeus.
  20. Artemis: Is the goddes of the Moon, the Hunt, and Archery.


Ps Arav helped.

If I Was a God

Hello mortals like me. As you probably have heard there are mythology’s like Norse, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian. This post is about which god I would be from them.

Greek: Artemis, I would be Artemis because I am really adventures like her, and I don’t like men that much. I also adore her for leading a group of women and treating them like equals.


Norse: Loki, I like Loki a lot. He is a trickster like yours truly, me. He is also very powerful and strong. He is actually not goody two shoes Thor’s brother. That is good because I hate Thor, a lot. I wish I was a child of Loki, ast least.



Roman: Diana Aka Artemis. I would be Diana because I am really adventures like her, and I don’t like men that much. I also adore her for leading a group of women and treating them like equals.


Egyptian: Set I really can”t explained why I like this so yeah I just do.